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Zero Check, manufacturing precision gages for over 60 years

Since 1962, Zero Check has been a leader in the manufacturing of precision cylindrical plug & ring gages, supporting a wide range of industries from automotive and aerospace to military and medical. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff is able to provide prompt service, deliveries and innovative solutions. Our dedication to our customers and addressing their needs has propelled Zero Check to be one of the nation’s most respected and trusted gage makers.

From the beginning, Zero Check sought to be innovators while recognizing and adapting to the needs of a growing industry.  For example, the manufacturing of Class Z, Go and No Go wire-type gages answered the widespread demand for an economical unilateral plug. We also invested in building a robust inventory to create a shelf-stocked supply of hardened and cold-stabilized steel blanks for Plug, Ring, Trilock, and extra-long wire-type gages. By doing so we drastically reduced delivery times to our customers while providing overnight service when needed. At present Zero Check produces Steel Ring gages ranging from .050 to 5.510-inch diameters. Carbide Rings from .050 to 1.510 are also part of the Zero Check product line with Progressives, Taperlocks and Master Discs routinely supplied.

Through the years custom gaging has been expanded at Zero Check with the acquisition of CNC turning centers, CNC milling, and Wire EDM along with measuring equipment. Custom gaging features such as depth notches, keyways, and flats are now performed in house to reduce delivery times and control quality and our calibration services are offered with quick turnaround times. Gages are available in hardened and double-stabilized steel, stainless steel, carbide, and chrome. Zero Check is proud of our strong, long-standing customer relationships built while delivering quality products made right here in the USA.

Zero Check is a family-owned operation that is now in its third generation. Zero Check was incorporated in 1962 with Ross Upton as president followed by Jim Upton who assumed management of the company in 1979. In 1998 Jim’s sons Jay and Nate became the third generation of gage makers to continue the tradition of quality and precision. With the move to a newer and more modern facility in 1995, and the next generation is poised to manage the company as Zero Check looks forward to continued growth, supplying an ever-growing customer base with precision gages for years to come.

Computerized order tracking and inventory control assures on-time delivery with complete accuracy.


  • Measurement of Cylindrical ID’s & OD’s*
  • CNC Turning Centers
  • CNC Milling
  • Mahr Federal Comparators
  • Aeroel Laser Micrometer
  • Nikon Optical Comparator
  • Wire EDM
  • Croblox® Gage Blocks

*(to millionths of an inch)


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