Computerized order tracking and inventory control assures on-time delivery with complete accuracy.

Welcome to Zero Check, manufacturer of precision gages for over 50 years.

In today’s world, people want action now. They want quick pricing, availability, and service. Our staff is trained to provide immediate information and our production people are geared for immediate response. Zero Check can provide overnight service when necessary. It is this total dedication to customer needs that has propelled Zero Check into a leadership position among the nation’s gage makers. So whether your needs are great or small, Zero Check will give its all.

Zero Check has always prided itself as an innovator. From the very beginning, Zero Check recognized the need for an economical unilateral plug. The manufacture of Class Z, Go and No Go wire-type gages was the answer. It was the economical unilateral plug that moved Zero Check forward. As the business grew, investments in inventory created a shelf-stocked supply of hardened and cold-stabilized steel blanks for Plug, Ring, Trilock, and extra long wire-type gages. This made for faster deliveries, which became a major factor in the continued growth of the company and product line.

At present Zero Check produces Steel Ring gages ranging from .050 to 5.510 inch diameters. Carbide Rings from .050 to 1.510 are also part of the Zero Check product line. Progressives, Taperlocks and Master Discs are routinely supplied.

Zero Check has been a family-owned operation that is now in its third generation. Zero Check was incorporated in 1962 with Ross Upton as president. In 1979 Jim Upton, the second generation of Uptons, assumed management of the company. In 1998 Jim’s sons Jay and Nate, the third generation of gage makers began working for the company, continuing a tradtion of quality and precision. With the move to a newer and more modern facility in 1995, and a newer generation poised to manage the firm, Zero Check looks forward to continued growth, supplying an ever growing customer base with precision gages for years to come.

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